Swedish Handmade Sami Bracelets

Sami embroidery with pewter wire on reindeer leather has been done for hundreds of years in the Sami culture. Their unique craft items are admired and sought after worldwide. These amazing, Swedish Lapland leather bracelets are not easy to find and they are often sold at double Comfy Clogs prices.

The beautiful Sami Jewellery has been handmade of soft reindeer leather or top grade lambskin. The nickel free pewter wire is an alloy with 4-5% silver spun around a strong synthetic sinew thread.

The Sami bracelet makes the perfect gift for someone who likes something unique and fashionable. It is popular with both women and men.

The bracelets require no maintenance and should be removed before showering and swimming. They will not be damaged by getting wet every now and then. We are constantly updating our collection that features both traditional braiding and modern interpretations with beads and pearls.


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